July 21, 2019
About Us

We are an independent Baptist church with a vision for building up people who worship God, who live together in fellowship, who make disciples, and who impact the world.

Every activity and ministry of SGBC is designed to enrich and strengthen those involved. Thus, any activity or function that tears down the individual or family is unacceptable. The desire for "success" and the call for sacrifice must be tempered by a prevailing commitment to edification.

We believe that people are more important than programs, organizations, and budgets. Relationships are more important than performance; developing an atmosphere of loving acceptance is more important than raw efficiency in doing tasks. Bearing one another's burdens is more important than burdening one another with criticism or indifference. God's people must be nurtured with respect and tender care.

We exist to worship God together. Nothing less than a corporate, active response to our glorious God is acceptable. Our goal is to develop people who respond to God in thanksgiving, adoration, and praise. Celebration is the only reasonable response to God's character and to God's work of creation, redemption, and providence.

We have come to realize that the greatest need of society is the redemptive gospel of Jesus Christ, not social activism. The hearts of men must be changed if society is to be changed. To that end, we are renewing our determination to declare to our community all that God has graciously done to save sinners. We not only know the truth of the gospel, we have experienced the life of the gospel. Thus, we cannot be silent. We join the apostle Paul in issuing to sinners a persuasive call for an immediate saving response to the gospel. Those whom God saves will be added to our church to engage in a lifelong process of discipleship.